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The Inspiration
and Her Book Creators

Teresa Yarbrough, Genois Wilson Brabson, Carol Butler
Artist - First Woman Firefighter - Author

"It is our intent to motivate children to "dare to dream" and to offer this book as a form of encouragement; putting it in as many children's hands as possible."
~ Carol Butler



Genois Wilson, Firefighter:
She Dared to be First

“My children were so inspired by the book.”

"I love the book."

“The illustrations bring the story to life.”

"It’s a book of firsts by a first rate, first-time storyteller.” 

“We are honored that the Allen County Library and the Fort Wayne Community Elementary Schools have  chosen to place a copy of our book in all of their libraries.”


"The book, Genois Wilson, Firefighter:  She Dared to be First  is now reaching the hands of the children it was written to inspire; and it is a book they are excited about and eager to read!  What more could an author . . . an illustrator . . . and the inspiration for the book ask for?  Many thanks to Aryanna, a young writer and future teacher, who took the time to share her thoughts:" 
                                                                        ~ Carol  Butler




Following Footsteps: Aryanna and her little sister
dressed as firefighters.



Dear Grandma, 
     Thank you for making the book.  And I don't really know what I want to be when I grow up because I'm changing my mind.  My favorite part is what do you dare to dream?  Also when Genois becomes a teacher and says that she wants to be a firefireghter instead and she taught the school children how to use a smoke detectors to save lives.  I think this is a great book to inspire kids with their dreams. 
Your grandaughter,

A Book F
ull of Fort Wayne Firsts!

  by Eric Olson March 11, 2013
Excellent 2 Minute Video
More Details

Artist's Work Becoming
Family Affair

By Eric Olson  April 2, 2013


Teresa Yarbrough:
Artist & Book's Illustrator

Text Excerpt from Video Story

FORT WAYNE, Indiana--Even as a kid Fort Wayne native Teresa Yarbrough was confident about her art work, thanks to her art teacher, Mrs. Porter, at Zion Lutheran grade school.

“I remember her to this day,” Yarbrough recalls. “She really took a genuine interest and told me that…she would constantly say I’m a good artist I can do something with it.”

Great Story!  2 Minute Video by Eric Olson
                                                  . . . with a surprise ending.   

Click on CC above  to turn off closed captioning
and that will also remove the black bar.

Making art has always been part of Yarbrough’s life, even more so after 1991 when she started her own business ‘Heart and Soul: Originals and Prints’. Working mostly on commission Yarbrough creates portraits, usually from photographs people send her….her tool of choice an airbrush rather than the usual paintbrush on canvas. The result is portraiture with soft lines and piercing eyes.

Teresa's Story

Yarbrough paints animal portraits as well, she loves exotic animals. But last year her art career made a sharp turn when she illustrated a children’s book on Genois Wilson, Fort Wayne’s first female firefighter. Working on a children’s book she says was a wonderful experience.

See Video Story Complete Text



Women in the Fort Wayne Fire Department

Please see the above PBS39 promo video for the planned documentary, "Full Circle, The Story of women in the Fort Wayne Fire Department."
To help PBS39 tell the story of women in the Fort Wayne Fire Department please contact  Corporate Development 260.969.2729
The interest for this documentary was generated as a result of the publishing of the book, "Genois Wilson, Firefighter, She Dared to be First".


  • Arlington Park resident writes first children's book . . .
Author hopes book about Fort Wayne's first woman firefighter inspires children to achieve their goals
                                                                    By Kevin Kilbane of The News-Sentinel
                                                                    Friday, March 22, 2013

              Carol Butler: Author

The inspiration for Carol Butler's first book came from a young woman Butler didn't know she had influenced years earlier. 

Butler hopes the book, “Genois Wilson, Firefighter: She Dared to be First” — the story of the first woman firefighter on the Fort Wayne Fire Department — inspires new generations of children to dream big and overcome obstacles to achieve their goals. 

WANE TV Interview

  • FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - Author Carol Butler joined Adam Widener and Nicholas Ferreri on First News Saturday.                  
  • Carol discussed her new book on Genois Wilson's life. Wilson as the first woman firefighter in Fort Wayne.

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NIPR Radio Interview
WBOI Midday Matters

  • March 15, 2013 12:30 PM
  • Hosts Julia Meek and Sarah Delia interview Carol Butler about her book and her other art centric activities in Fort Wayne.  

WBOI 89.1 FM
Midday Matters with
Julia Meek and Sarah Delia

City's First Female Firefighter
Subject of New Children's Book

  • March 13-19, 2013
  • Feature Story: Frost Illustrated
  • "Author inspires children to hold onto goals and ambitions despite setbacks, frustrations"
  • "Oprah Winfrey once said, What God intended for you goes beyond anything you can imagine."
  • See story
A Book Full of
Fort Wayne Firsts!
by Eric Olson

  • March 11, 2013
  • Feature Story: Your Country
  • Eric Olson, INC TV Weekend Anchor interviews Carol Butler (2 Minute Video)
  • "It’s a book of firsts by a first rate, first-time storyteller out in Your Country."
  • See story and video on INCNOW or click below to see 2 minute video.

A Book Full of Fort Wayne Firsts! by Eric Olson
2 Minute Video - Excellent!

 Bank Street Bookstore
Story Time and Book Signing


October 4, 2014

Bank Street Bookstore
New York City, NY

  • FEATURED BOOK: Genois Wilson, Firefighter, She Dared to be First
  • SPECIAL THANKS: Thanks to all the Bank Street Bookstore friends who stopped by to hear the inspiring story of how Genois Wilson Brabson became the first woman firefighter in Fort Wayne, Indiana and one of the first women firefighters in the United States.  Everyone seemed to enjoy hearing Carol Butler read the book and of course, the Seyfert potato chips were a huge and unexpected treat! We now know why the Bank Street Bookstore is "NY's Best Bookstore For & About Children!"
  • WHERE: Bank Street Bookstore, 2879 Broadway, New York, NY 10025 (Corner of W. 112th Street and Broadway)
Little Library Program
Book Donations

June 21, 2014
Fort Wayne, IN


Potomac Yard Barnes & Noble
Story Time and Book Signing

March 30, 2014
Pot0mac Yard
Alexandria, VA
  • Parents and children gathered to hear the book Genois Wilson, Firefighter, She Dared to be First read by the author, Carol Butler in a beautiful book nook.
  • The Barnes and Noble children's department manager, Susan, most graciously facilitated the book reading.
  • The children were very attentive and some of them even helped Carol read the book by displaying the pictures.  
  • They were treated with real Seyfert's  Potato Chips that are mentioned in the book as a Fort Wayne favorite.
  • WHERE: Barnes & Noble, Potomac Yard, 3651 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22305
More Info including directions: Potomac Barnes & Noble 

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Friendship Women’s History Month
Story Time & Book Signing

March 29, 2014
Friendship Firehouse
Alexandria, VA


  • Special Day at a Special Firehouse with the author Carol Butler and her book, Genois Wilson, Firefighter, She Dared to be First.
  • Presented by the Friendship Firehouse Museum and community partner Hooray for Books!
  • The day included a reading of the book in this spectacular historic setting, samples of the book's referenced Seyfert's Potato chips, and a tour of the entire firehouse.
  • Thanks to Ellen from Hooray for Books and Catherine from the Friendship Firehouse Museum for hosting the event.
  • WHERE: Friendship Firehouse 107 S Alfred St, Alexandria, VA 22314
  • Photo Album: Here
Allen County Public Library Book Signing

March 18, 2014
Pontiac Branch Library

Fort Wayne, Indiana

  • Great friends, good food, and a special story telling by Condra Ridley.
  • Army Burks, Eualeen Chapman, Chief Condra Ridley, and Lolita Young created beautiful, delicious cakes for the celebration!
  • Genois, as always, had a great time meeting admirers and supporters.

Book On City's First Female Firefighter Still Making An Impact (VIDEO)  By Rachel Martin - 21Alive

Allen County Public Library Authors Fair

November 9, 2013
Fort Wayne, Indiana

  • The weekend was a huge success!
  • The Allen County Public Library's Author Fair on Saturday was a great time to meet other authors, including Michael Martone, the "Fort Wayne" author. 
  • Genois had a great time meeting admirers and supporters.
  • Teresa showed off her second book of illustrations for author J.J. Foster.
  • All three of them were together long enough to ask Tom take a new photo!

August 27, 2013

Fort Wayne's First Woman Firefighter, 
Genois Wilson Brabson, 
Fort Wayne's First Woman Fire Chief,
Chief Amy Biggs, on the First Anniversary
of Her Appointment

  •   View Slide Show Here
  • Fort Wayne; The Journal Gazette: "Gratitude expressed for leading way" by  Jeff Wiehe View Article Here
  • Fort Wayne; News-Sentinel: "City's first woman firefighter salutes city's first woman fire chief Fire Chief Amy Biggs recently completed her first year in the job" By Kevin Kilbane  View Article Here
  • Fort Wayne; News-Sentinel: "WFWA hopes to produce documentary about women on the Fort Wayne Fire Department" By Kevin Kilbane View Article Her

June 2013
Alexandria, VA
Branch Library

Authors Fair
April 2013
 Fort Wayne Community Elementary 
        Schools Librarians Meeting     

Elementary School Librarians from Fort Wayne Community Schools gathered on April 17th at Bunche Montessori School to select and review new books for their school's library.  The book, Genois Wilson, Firefighter: She Dared to be First was selected as a new volume for each of the 34 schools.  Teresa Yarbrough, Genois Wilson, and Carol Butler met with the librarians and Condra Ridley read the book to 81 Bunche Kindergartners and to the librarians.

About Bunche Montessori             Library Pictures courtesy of  Teresa Yarbrough

Fort Wayne Urban League After School Academy

Thursday, March 28, 2013
  • Meet the author, artist, and the inspiration for the book. 
  • Book Reading for Youth, Parents & Community Members by Chief Condra Ridley.
  • Free Stickers and Coloring Books Courtesy of the Fort Wayne Fire Department

Fort Wayne Urban League After School Academy

Book Signing
Allen County Public Library

  • Sat., March 23, 2013
  • 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
  • Meet the author, artist, and the inspiration for the book.
  • Book Reading                           - 4:30 Carol Butler                   - 5:30 Condra Ridley
    Allen County Public Library


    Pictures courtesy of Ray Steup.

    Genois Wilson Brabson

    Meet the Author
    and Book Signing
    Zeta Luncheon

    • Sat., March 23, 2013
    • 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

    Press Conference
    Weisser Park Rec Center

    • Tues., March 19, 2013
    • Fort Wayne, IN
    • Meet the author, artist, and the inspiration for the book.
    • Book Reading by Condra Ridley

    Weisser Park Rec Center

    Quotable Quote
      "I thought it was going to be another history textbook but it had a really good story line!" :  A comment from one of the most talented, smart, confident kids I have ever met. ~ Carol Butler.

    Chief Condra Ridley: Storyteller

    Mayoral Proclamation:
    Fort Wayne Women's
    History Month
    Day of Firsts

    A Meeting of Firsts
    and First Times

    • First Time Children Book Illustrator: Teresa Yarbrough
    • First FW Female Firefighter: Genois Wilson Brabson (1975)
    • First FW Female Fire Chief: Amy Biggs (2012)
    • First Time Author: Carol Butler

    An Historic Meeting
    • First Fort Wayne Female Firefighter: Genois Wilson Brabson (1975)
    • First Fort Wayne Female Fire Chief: Amy Biggs (2012)

    Photo Album

    • Captain Dave Meadows, Fire Safety Education
    • Richard Ridley Jr., First Fort Wayne African-American Firefighter (Retired)
    • Genois Wilson Brabson, First Fort Wayne Female Firefighter (1975) (Retired)
    • Teresa Yarbrough, First Time Children Book Illustrator
    • Carol Butler, First Time Author
    • David Botas, Firefighter
    • Amy Biggs, First Fort Wayne Female Fire Chief (2012)
    • Captain Craig Mueller
    • Johnny Sierra, Firefighter
    • Craig Emenhiser, Firefighter

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